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Real life examples

Radar Payments works with clients all over the world, from fintech startups to PSPs and established banks. You can learn about our real life examples by downloading our case studies.

Tonik, Philippines' first virtual bank

Radar Payments is powered the digital payment experience at Tonik Bank. The neobank has launched a compelling offering which is about to disrupt the market. Their ecosystem of partners for cash in and out, easy international transfer come at perfect time where people need to move money faster than ever.

Another distinct proposition is the Stash account for group savings. The Philippines's population is known to save among their community through ‘the Paluwagan’ model, a common pot that can be used by family members or friends when necessary. Inspired by this practice, TONIK Bank is digitising the experience and on top offering savings so that Filipinos can save and grow their money at the same time. 



Using Radar Payments' SaaS, the Dutch fintech GCP was able to launch an ATM as a Service business taking away the burden from banks to manage their own fleet across Europe.

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A leading UK acquirer

Radar Payments has helped a UK acquirer boost their merchants and businesses onboarding and bring innovative offerings during the pandemic in a matter of weeks.


Maldives Islamic Bank

The bank turned to Radar Payments for card issuing and payment processing services as a cost-effective solution to entirely focus on customer relations.

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