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TONIK, Philippines’ first virtual bank powered by BPC and Radar Payments

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Founded in 2018, Tonik Financial received its banking licence from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippines Central Bank) in January 2020, becoming the first bank in South-East Asia to obtain a licence to operate on a purely digital platform.

The virtual bank launched publicly in March 2021 in the Philippines, with support and R&D functions based in Singapore and Chennai, India and BPC hosting its payment activities in Hungary.

Tonik is a great example of how fast virtual banks can go to market
- in just a matter of months - by using an agile approach. The bank launched using blocks of best-of-breed solutions to focus solely on 
delivering a hyper-compelling offer and customer experience.

You can learn more about Tonik's journey by downloadung the case study now.

Download the case study