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Leading UK acquirer
reaches 250 million payment


Since its foundation in 2008, a merchant payment and EFT/POS
acquirer has grown exponentially with more than 80,000 businesses
onboarded, processing in excess of 250 million transactions a year
with a value of approximately £10 billion.

This expansion came with challenges for the client: 

  • Increased cost of providing own solution
  • Need for certification with a wide range of payment schemes
  • Improved speed for merchant onboarding

IRadar Payments has customised and enhanced its merchant management functionality to suit client needs. New versions of SmartVista components were deployed, including front and back office,
fraud management, and integration platforms. It has also configured and enhanced web service-based processes for merchant onboarding, payments and invoicing to meet the client’s specific

If you'd like to know more about the 3 phased implementation of the solutions and how Radar Payment is working hand in hand with the client on their future roadmap download the case study now.

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