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The world of payments leaves no room for improvisation! Beyond using state-of-the-art technology, Radar Payments is about its people: a team of payment and banking experts with decades of experience between them; a team that can guide you through the complex and fast-moving payment landscape.

Radar Payments is also about sharing progressive ideas that will shape tomorrow’s payment world. As such, we have ensured wide diversity amongst our team’s professional backgrounds and market knowledge.

Our team is a melting pot of professionals in various fields: payment processing, incumbent and digital banks, merchants, and e-commerce experts. We are all driven by the same passion of supporting our client businesses, by delivering a simple yet friendly payment experience.

With just one touch (a click, a tap or a swipe), paying for things without worrying about back-end operations, payments are made simple, seamless and frictionless through the use of smart technology.

You focus on your customers, we expand your focus and reach.
Evgenia Loginova
Co-founder and co-CEO
Ejup Biqkaj
Head of Customer Relations
Ilyas Berrajaa
Head of Business Growth MEA
Angelo Dimarakis
Head of Sales - Europe
Eric Smith
Payment Consultant
Nikoletta Kamperi
Client Relations - Fintech and Neobank
Tomas Lara Tenorio
Client Relations Latin America
Steve Dekavallas
Payment Consultant
Maxim Kuzin
Head of Fraud and Risk prevention as a Service
Nadia Benaissa
Global Marketing Director
Michalis Michaelides
Director Of Sales And Business Development, Europe