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The anatomy of the new fraudster

A look into the different types of fraud
financial institutions need to prevent

Around the world, people’s shopping and payments habits have changed significantly as a consequence of the global health crisis. Lockdowns, curfews and forced physical distance have boosted e-commerce and led to a massive adoption of online payments worldwide. The pandemic has pushed cash usage to a record-low, especially in mature, digitalised countries.

The payment business faces a sharp increase in card  fraud, particularly in the Card-not-Present (CNP) space. CNP Fraud increased with 70% over the past few months and according to the latest Nilson report, global card fraud losses will have exceeded $32 billion by 2021.

Our guide: The anatomy of the new fraudster is an exploration of:

  • Fraud targets
  • Faudsters’ modus operandi 
  • Who is the fraudster 
  • Security, detection and prevention 

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