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At Radar Payments we believe in a world where clients, merchants, PSPs, banks – all chain partners alike benefit from ultimate choice to fit their requirements, cost effectively, efficiently and securely delivered.

Written by industry experts, our guides offer you practical information, global trends and useful insights. They were created with your painpoints in mind. Take a look at the list below, download the guides that interest you and enjoy the read. 


Payment Service Providers

Setting up a PSP in a changing payment landscape has become increasingly complex. Global e-commerce is expanding at such a rate that the business opportunities for online payments companies are enormous. 

What does it take to set up as a Payment Service Provider? What are key responsibilities? What revenue models do you need to check out? What types of services can you offer your customers? 

All these questions are answered in our free guide.


Building a digital bank

Our guide 'How to successfully build a digital bank' is a three-step guide that will take you through

  • what kind of digital bank to build, including the value proposition and business plan;
  • how to build a digital bank, with a detailed description of each of the key elements including the regulatory framework, organisation design, technology, and people capabilities;
  • and finally how to scale a digital bank into a sufficiently large and sustainable business.

Payment as a Service

Created in collaboration with IBS Intelligence, the guide 'Payment as a service. The next wave of payment services' includes information on

  • Changing payments landscape
  • Challenges faced by banks & psp’s in managing payment service expectations
  • Emergence of payments as a service 
  • Strategic advantages of paas for banks and psp’s
  • Case studies - payment as a service model adoption 
  • Future of payment as a service 

Fraud management

20% of internal fraudsters work at an executive/C-Level and cause the highest amount of average fraud loss ($600K). It is fair to say that they represent a major internal threat for businesses and organisations.

The guide 'The anatomy of the new fraudster' gives insights into the internal as well as the external fraudster. It also explores

  • Global trends
  • Fraud targets
  • Faudsters’ modus operandi 
  • Security, detection and prevention 

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“You focus on your customers, we expand your focus and reach”

Commercially launched in February 2020, Radar Payments is a paytech firm specialised in end-to-end omnichannnel payment processing. The company offers out of the box acceptance and issuance of credit, debit, prepaid, virtual cards in addition to support e-wallets and emerging payment instruments such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and AliPay.

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Tippay by Radar Payments

Tippay is a standalone solution for tipping and gratuity services that can be deployed by financial institutions that wish to increase their presence in the growing micropayment business. Financial Institutions can deploy Tippay as a standalone app available in their business client outlets and to partners for more tipping convenience.

RP - fraud management cover

Risk and fraud management

Radar Payments’ Fraud Management solution helps issuers, acquirers, merchants and others detect and prevent fraud across all payment channels, in real-time.

The solution covers real-time transaction monitoring and allows performing statistics profiling on any level – card, customer, terminal, merchant or device.


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eCommerce as a service

Payment transactions are a fundamental element of the ecommerce experience and organisations are rethinking the way they accept payments.

Financial institutions need to step up to ensure they can better serve their business and merchant networks. From streamlining the merchant onboarding experience to increasing checkout success ratios, financial service providers must consider the entire customer service flow.

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