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‘Data is the new money’ : driving relevant offers on the back of data insights improve your profitability. And drive cost down around fraud, disputes, errors and operations. From guessing to knowing, from seeing to acting.


From analysis to insights

Data tells a story when analyzed wisely. Powered by machine learning, Radar Payments screens all money movements from invoicing to reconciliation, making use of key findings to improve the customer experience and set a path for future growth.

Put data into work


Data analytics are deployed in the Radar Payments environment for a range of PSP and bank facing services:

  • Compliance and reporting, fraud and dispute management
  • Business development, personalization and marketing
  • Operational and administrative efficiency

Queries can be built in accordance with individual customer’s requirements around any data point in the payment or commerce transaction chain from type of payment, average value and volume, payment settlement times, device usage, shopping behavior and much more.

For operational purposes close monitoring of exceptions and STP give the PSPs and their customers insight in possible optimisation of cost structure.

A 360 view of all activities


Dashboards and reports give PSPs, banks and their (merchant) customers the regulatory required as well as business insights that will enable them to be compliant as well as keep an open mind for further optimisation and development of the business.

Fraud related statistics report on case files, rules, operator activities, fraud statistics as well as prevented fraud losses and operational data. Another important area of reporting circles around dispute management covering incoming and outgoing dispute items, chargeback groups, cases per status and or settlement, etc.

Radar Payments’ register for compliance, data and risk standards is also fed with real-time data to ensure that all international certifications are properly met and maintained.

Reports and dashboard can be created at individual merchant or client level, as well as a global overview per bank/PSP.


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