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Integrated payment solution

In the race to frictionless payments connectivity, there is only one path to profitability: mass scale happy customers in a deeper, wider and longer lasting relationship.



More is more is the mantra in payments. More choice, more relevance, more speed, more services, more compliance. There is one big less: lower fees. In the race to frictionless payments connectivity, there is only one path to profitability: mass scale happy customers in a deeper, wider and longer lasting relationship.

In a world that is both promoting seamless and frictionless payments, whilst at the same time supporting a growing list of payment types, devices and schemes, Radar prides itself in offering ‘it all’. We recognise that payment habits are hard to break, although the current Covid-19 situation has proven that contactless and digital are here to stay and grow. Different countries support different regimes in terms of types and national schemes, so interoperability is key.

As globetrotters in fintech Radar has already been underpinning payment processing facilities in over 90 countries – each to their own national and international operating standards and in full compliance with reigning regulations.



Operating on a payment platform supported by 600+ engineers.


Quick start

Ready for quick starts with fully-fledged infrastructure to support issuing and acquiring activities and management.



Always on, built to exacting security and compliance standards.



Mix and pick your services, resilient and scalable infrastructure.

More than payments

Payments and merchant acquiring services

Acquiring is all about establishing relationship and connectivity between merchants and their clients and the PSPs, banks and fintechs across all payment instruments and devices. Agreeing correct contracts on pricing is part of the bundled services we offer at this stage as well as fee structuring from on-boarding to recurring to lifecycle management.

Beyond card and any digital and contactless payment form, we offer acquiring services and solutions for both the merchant in terms of cards and POS, as well as the banking services world, in the form of (customised) ATM offerings, including ATM cash management. 

For all acquiring activities we offer a full service from full merchant management, ATM management, driving and monitoring to full card management (independent of the underlying payment method) including personalization, loyalty and wallet schemes. Because of our longstanding track record in this field we can offer these services in literally any corner of the world, from digital dense environments up to solutions for rural ecosystems.

Rules, contracts, standards, technology and more: acquiring is time and cost intensive.  An excellent user experience is required at all levels – merchant and customers – to kick off a profitable and lasting relationship.

Radar takes this out of your hands, technology, process, service all in.



Making the PSP operationally effective to issue debit, credit, prepaid and virtual cards using latest tokenization standards. Get the payment tool in the hands of the customer and connect it to the world of real money.

Instant and personalization are key in creating a competitive advantage, whether this is at PSP to Merchant level or Merchant to Client level. This enables PSPs to offer an additional and sticky proposition to its merchants to create a loyal client following through the issuance of branded cards and more.

Needless to say, this service is being offered for both physical as well as virtual/contactless ‘cards’.


The next-gen contactless payment solutions

What is a card payment these days? Plastic? Scheme? iPhone? Contactless? Put your own name on it for Radar’s card & wallet management simply offers the most unrivalled flexibility to create new issuing products for you and your merchant customers.

Whether credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, corporate, purchasing, fleet, gift or wallet – Radar offers virtual support in one solution:


Fully rounded

Configuration – authorization – clearing – accounting rules – pricing – limits – management wizards – customer support – events management and campaigns and more.


Native support of Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, Union Pay, JCB and many other international schemes.


Ease of integration with core banking and CRM for (neo)banks.


Extensive set of APIs and developer community

Payment gateway solution for mobile commerce

Pure mobile payments are often built around a wallet-type environment where besides money, other digital values can be stored, such as loyalty points and credits. Radar is capable of running multiple currency, multiple e-wallet accounts within the same wallet that you can offer on a per merchant or per client basis.

Our solution is utterly customizable and supports a range of payment instruments including mobile top-up and P2P and currency exchange, which is highly valuable for your eCommerce customers. All these services come with their own account set up, authentication and a variety of identification methods.


PSD2 regulation – revolutionizing digital transactions

Radar Payments also offers a full range of debit-based payments from direct debits, account-based payments, SEPA transfers, BACS, CHAPS, Swift to instant payment support. Increasingly this becomes the payment type of choice for merchant customers of PSPs for the low cost attached and the certainty of instant receipt of funds.

The entire debit payment suite is fully PSD2 ready, API enabled and supports SCA. ISO20022 messaging is fully supported too for Pull, Push and Service messages.


Buy now pay later

In addition to supporting any payment type, Radar embraces a new and innovative range of services that bridge payments to commerce, such as Buy Now Pay Later.

A range of varieties can be determined between merchant and customer: transfer of purchase to DPP (Debt Payment Programme) mode, payments by installments or early payment discounts.

Radar supports the full life cycle of a DPP from the time of registration of the operation in installments, until the final settlement in accordance with the plan, which may include fixed, annuity, differentiated, scheduled and split payments.

Connectivity to your/external DPP lenders is available through a suite of APIs.


An effective fraud risk management model

Fraud is omnipresent and unfortunately part of life, a 21st century solution must therefore be omnipresent and ‘always on’ too.

The Radar platform takes fraud prevention and detection to be a vital component of a bank-grade full services offer. We therefore combine all of the key methods of handling fraud across all entities in the chain, all channels and in real-time.

The monitoring starts at the point of acquiring and runs full cycle through the entire processing chain.

Our secure PCI-DSS validated processes deploy a combination of business rules, statistics profiling and modelling through machine learning to generate alerts and reports.

A risk-based approach around behavior adds an additional line of defense through user behavior checks, device checks and merchant checks to provide analysis that can detect, prevent and manage fraudulent activities.

Beyond preventing fraud through technology, we pro-actively share knowledge offering ready-to-use packages and scenarios regularly prepared by our experts to keep you and your customers safe at all time.


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