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Service Models

Free yourself of the chains of capex in technology. Move your capital where it matters most: towards business development discussions with your customers. We can migrate you towards a technology, processing or end to end service over time.



Service based offerings have been around for many years and as the flexibility and agility of new technology prove themselves in live environments, choice and complexity follow.  Offering one similar experience across a myriad of channels and devices is something you do every day. It is something your customers expect to run smoothly and without fail or error. You may expect the same from us. We untangle the complex, we streamline the payments and commerce transactions and ringfence your business and customers. We dedicate a case manager to your company, a point of contact for all sales, support and product questions.

Run on technology that ‘fits all’, Radar Payments offers a totally customised service for you. Your required level of service determines the model that works for you. Common practice where possible, tailor made where needed.

Standard platform

PAAS: build on it

At Radar Payments we are all about flexibility, delivering solutions that meet your needs, and aligning with your growth stage.

We take advantage of cloud computing, saving you time and money when launching or running your business and serving your clients, merchants, and ultimately their customers with best-of-breed payment solutions.

By opting for the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, you get the Radar Payments Platform in the cloud. You take ownership of your payment application and data, and can continue to develop, run, and manage it.

We host it for you, removing the complexity of building and maintaining your own infrastructure.


SAAS: consume it

Opting for Software as a Service (SaaS), you move away from a license-based model to reap the benefits of the shared economy.

Radar Payments will be made available in the cloud on a private or shared infrastructure, thus drastically reducing the cost of handling payment transactions.

This service is offered on a pay-per-use basis, avoiding significant CapEx through its “rent and consume what you need now” approach.

You move away from heavy upfront investment. You balance your needs with your stage of growth.

Fully managed

PROCESSING: migrate to it

With increasing regulatory conditions in Europe and beyond, all at a cost, a new idea is making waves among financial players. They are asking, “Do we have to manage our payment transactions ourselves?”

For these reasons, Payment Processing as a Service is on the brink of becoming the new normal. Radar Payments offers fully managed services for your payment transaction business.

With our processing service, you can rely on a partner that continuously upgrades its platform in line with market changes, keeping you ahead at all times in matters of compliance and accepting new payment methods.


Let's talk

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