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Great service sets good technology to work. Understanding culture, scale, risk and tech are the foundation for our commitment for a zero-fault service for you. 



Get the best out of Radar Payments with a range of services that facilitate your day-to-day business. From onboarding, to support for you and your customers, we remain with you along the way 24x7 to ensure business continuity and availability. 

Beyond standard services, Radar Payments offers unrivalled advisory services, from fraud, compliance to business optimisation. We pro-actively improve your payment processing to gain in efficiency, cost control and focus on growth.


Onboarding you as a PSP, a bank, a fintech to the Radar Payments platform with all your existing customers and contracts, or new clients demands an agile approach in true partnership.

Once we have onboarded you as a customer after a thorough analysis phase, we rerun the process for each of your (merchant) customers in order to secure a seamless box-by-box migration.

A parallel run will occur whenever possible to secure a correct replication as well as a fall back situation. 

A fully dedicated operational and implementation team will work with your team throughout the onboarding and go-live stages, establishing a high level of interaction with both technical as well as functional teams.

Go live testing and quality control are an ongoing process until after formal acceptance and sign-off. A dedicated project manager remains in contact throughout the business relationship to ensure excellent and direct communication on all issues good and ‘ugly’.


Call center support

Depending on the chosen service model, call center support with a professional Radar Payments team is available 24x7 for technical and operational/process support.

In addition, we offer your (merchant) customers support facilities via the merchant portal for any payment related queries and a customer service portal for queries on customer level: search, register new, manage accounts and cards and agency or branch service if and where fit for banks. Our call center comes as a second line support to assist with merchant queries. When it comes to your issuing business, we do also provide second line support for cardholders.

Our team operates in multi-countries and speak multi-languages such as English, German, French, Spanish and  more.

A set of APIs embed customer support in your channels via an external portal, call center or IVR application.


Advisory services

Outsourcing or co-sourcing is no mean feat. It takes thorough deliberation at both board and business unit level to determine which objectives must be met, which changed situation is required and which model suits this specific objective.

Our payments experts have run over 100 large projects in all corners of the world and offer their advisory services based on their expertise and experience as part of our client engagement. This way you can mirror your teams with Radar Payments teams to ensure a transparent translation from the business objectives and requirements into a functional spec for your service level agreement.

Ready-to-use packaged fraud scenarios, anticipated compliance, ways to reduce costs through efficient processing, operational excellence...a meeting with our team of experts will set the bar of the nature of services we share.

Our advisory services look beyond technology and processes and also match skills, culture and teams required to set up and run a payments environment, without judging or prejudice but in open discussion to achieve the best – learning – experience and situation for all.


Let's talk!

Launching a new project? Strengthening an existing one? Our team is on hand to assist from all corners of the globe. Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Africa...we are one click away and speak your language. Let's get started...